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Obstetric Services

From prenatal to post partum care, our experienced physicians are here to provide the best care possible in northwest Georgia.

Prenatal Care and Education
Prenatal care and parenting education is important for all expectant parents. We provide a variety of educational materials and also recommend both parents attend the parenting classes offered by Floyd Medical Center. Visit Parenting Education at Floyd to learn more about the classes offered for parents and older siblings.

Normal Pregnancy Care
You can be assured your health and the health of your baby are our main priorities. Throughout your pregnancy our skilled OB/GYN physicians are here to not only provide the highest-quality of care but to also provide education so you can understand your pregnancy.

High Risk Pregnancy Care
When complications with the mother or baby are more likely than normal a pregnancy is considered high risk. Our team of specially trained physicians can minimize your risks and you experience the healthiest pregnancy possible.

Labor, Delivery and Recovery
Through our affiliation with Floyd Medical Center, you will find the latest in family-centered care. The Floyd Family Birth provides delivering moms an all-in-one labor, delivery and recovery suite that provide a homelike setting. After recovery, the entire family can share in the joys of its newest member in a private room.

With the only Level II Neonatal Intensive Care Unit in Northwest Georgia, Floyd is able to provide care for newborns as small as two pounds. Equipped with an Intermediate Care Nursery, Floyd is also equipped to provide the extra care babies might need before going home.

Postpartum Care
After delivery and recovery, we will be here to answer your postpartum questions and provide quality health care for you and your newborn.

Screening Ultrasounds and lab test
Throughout your pregnancy your medical check-up will include routine testing so your physician can monitor the health of you and your baby.

Also, we offer elective 4D prenatal Ultrasounds. This realistic image provides a connection between parents and baby that can beneficial to the whole family.